About Us


Spencer Trefzger

founder/creative director

Spencer is the owner and founder of South Platte Studios, and the eye behind what we make. He loves drawing out the natural beauty hidden in plain sight for people, and is gifted at helping his marketing clients figure out how to say what they mean in a compelling way. He stumbled into videography in 2015 while helping a friend with weddings, and immediately fell in love with the craft of filmmaking. Since then, things have taken off, and in 2018 Spencer left his full-time job behind to pursue the dream of owning his own business.

Outside of running the business, Spencer is an avid fly-fisherman and camper, as well as a book nerd. He loves Oregon football, trivia, card games, and road trips with his high-school sweetheart to adventuresome places.


Lyndsay Trefzger

marketing director/assistant camera

Lyndsay is the personality behind all of our social media posts, and is a powerhouse at making connections and getting things done! She has a good eye for finding creative shots, and loves making our clients feel understood. When she’s not helping Spencer create content or set up meetings, you can find her taking care of the health and well-being of Denver’s industrial workers as a Certified Athletic Trainer. She loves helping people recover from injury and live better!

Outside of work, Lyndsay loves hiking, potted plants, and furry four-legged creatures (like Samson, their cat). She sings in a blues band with Spencer, volunteers with the foster care system, and has an Etsy store for her wood-burning art (FlyDust Designs). She also just bought an antique spinning wheel to make her own yarn, even though it’s 2019.

Her and Spencer met back in high school youth group in 2008 outside of Portland, OR, and are still adventuring and falling in love together today.