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Will Travel for Love


You chose a destination wedding because you want more than the cookie-cutter wedding experience

You want something timeless, a celebration to remember for a generation, with only the people that matter most in the world.

There is no better way to capture your adventure than a cinematic wedding film

(and it’s more affordable than you think)


How Does It Work?

STEP 1: You get in touch with us by hitting the “Book Now” button.

STEP 2: We get to know each other, and make sure things are a good fit.

STEP 3: You get married! We’ll handle the details so you can actually enjoy your wedding day.


Q: What counts as a “destination” wedding?

Great question! For many of our clients, getting married in the Rocky Mountains or the Pacific Northwest is a destination wedding for them and their families. For us, nearly all weddings in Colorado and Oregon (our home regions) are considered standard weddings, with more information here. If you are getting married outside of those parts of the US (meaning we need to get on a plane to meet you), it’s a travel/destination wedding.


Q: How are these packages different from your regular weddings?

They’re not too different, actually. We offer many of the same capabilities as a local wedding, but the details are different to accommodate for travel costs and take advantage of the extra time we’re on location. For more specifics just hit the “Book Now” button to give us a holler!


Q: What about elopements?

YES! Elopements are perfect for an incredible wedding film, and give you the ultimate flexibility in creating a customized love story. Because elopements are different than a standard wedding day, we offer special pricing and packages, just let us know if this is you!


*Travel Wedding Packages start at $2,500 plus travel