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It’s been said that teenagers from the US, Japan, Australia, and Germany have more in common today with each other than with their own grandparents.

Even we realized that, despite having grown up near our grandparents, we didn’t really know much about them or the lives they lived. When we lost a grandfather unexpectedly, we regretted how little we knew about his life and the family he built.

So, we set out to change that.

First with lunches, and conversations over tea (or ice cream). Then we realized that this was much bigger than one or two conversations alone could handle.

That’s when we decided to start putting our family histories on film, and now we want you to experience the same thing for yourself.

Don’t let regret become a part of your story like we did. Take the first step towards preserving and passing on your heritage today.

So, What Is It?

A Life Story Film is a personalized, documentary-style film that tells the story of a life well-lived.

We believe that the best way to honor and remember those who've gone before us is through high-quality filmmaking. Unlike photos, a recording, or our own memories, a well-made film lets you see their face, and hear their voice, just like they're in the room with you.


A professional-grade and personalized interview, catered to the stories you want told

Photos and other historical documents to complement the narrative

Professional video, audio, and lighting


How We Do It

We believe that stories, not minutes, are what matter most, so we've designed our business around them.

Unlike other companies who employ a one-size-fits-all approach to their legacy films, we let YOU decide what you want to leave your family.

We offer "chapter" packages, which allows you to decide what you share, and helps us organize photos and questions more effectively.

Want to talk about the family business? Chapter. Remember those favorite family vacations? Another chapter. How about those embarrassing moments raising the kids? You got it.

The best part? Unlike others who create one, all-encompassing piece, here you can come back again and again to continue adding to your story legacy, without causing a complete re-do of the project. Feel like you left something out? No problem! Just give us a call.

Here’s an example of what you and your family could have for generations to come:


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